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Funeral Mass

followed by Cremation

While the Catholic Church still maintains a preference for full-body burial, cremation has been permitted for over 60 years; that said, when a family is choosing cremation, the church “urges” that the body first be brought to church.

In fact, it is the presence of the body itself that historically differentiates a Funeral Mass from a Memorial Mass, where at most an urn is present. While cremated remains are still treated with a great deal of reverence, the body of a Catholic traditionally receives a deeper liturgical rite than cremated remains.

During a Funeral Mass, casketed bodies are by rite and rule blessed with holy water, incensed, and covered with a funeral pall; this is not traditionally the case for cremated remains. Furthermore, bodies require pallbearers in order to escort them to and from the altar. This is not necessary for urns containing cremated remains.

As a Catholic family, we reaffirm the church’s teaching that there are spiritual, psychological, and communal benefits to bringing the body of a Catholic to church before cremation takes place. Our mission is to make these ancient rites of the church as dignified and affordable as possible. That’s why we’ve created this special service and educational initiative.

Our Services

What Is Included

The following services include only the essential elements of a Catholic Funeral Mass and cremation. Nothing more. Nothing less. It represents the simplest, truest, and most affordable way to fulfill the final liturgical wishes of your home parish.

Transportation & Preparation: All necessary transportation and preparation (embalming only when requested or legally required)

Vigil / Visitation: Brief vigil or visitation at church prior to Funeral Mass (subject to personal parish policy)

✣ Printing : Standard Printing Package – guest book, holy cards, thank you cards, memorial envelopes

Cremation Casket: Simple but Elegant cremation casket – Oak or Cherry Finish

✣ Staff: Full Coordination, Staffing & Direction of Funeral Mass

Online Obituary: Online Obituary on Lynch & Sons Website

Fees: Crematory Fee & Permit

Does not include visitation at the funeral home, flowers, death certificates, burial urn, or any personal church or cemetery fees;      However, such items may be added upon request and included in final statement.


What Does It Cost

✣ Approximately $6,500 depending on location and any personal parish fees. Please call us for exact pricing.

✣Payment plans and special allowances for low-income families are also available upon request. We’ve never refused anyone for financial reasons.

✣ In solidarity with those suffering a uniquely painful loss, we do not charge for children 12 and under.

A Lynch Family Initiative

Serving Southeastern

Michigan for 75 Years

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